Units of Measure Converter

If you are like Healey owners, you grew up measuring things inches & feet and ounces & pounds.

Then came the the push to “Globalize” all measurement units and, of course, our SAE system lost out to the Metric System. All of a sudden, we had to deal with millimeters & meters and grams & kilograms and a whole bunch of other weird sounding units.

Recently, I found this slick little Units Conversion utility. It will convert just anything into just about anything else!

I urge you to download (568Kb) and execute it. Move the icon to your desktop so that it will ALWAYS be there for you.

Take a few minutes to investigate the Options.

Click “HERE” to begin the download.

This copyrighted program is provided through the courtesy and generosity of Josh Madison.
http://www.joshmadison.com/software/ – The program is FREE to use and distribute.

Update: It is never a good idea to download strange programs from online.  For converting your units of measurements, use something as simple as Google!  All you have to do is search on Google for the appropriate conversion, such as “3/8 inch to mm” or “20mm to inches”.  Or if you want something more robust, go to a site like RapidTables to help with the conversion processes.