Clutch Hose Replacement

When is it time to replace the slave cylinder clutch hose? If you push on the clutch pedal and it feels spongy or doesn’t come back freely. Chances are your hose is collapsing on the ID and restricting the flow of fluid.

techtip-19_01 A section of hose showing the outside condition. Looks fair, but when you squeeze it it is very soft and spongy.
techtip-19_02 The fluid passage is small. When this hose was split to show the interior it was very easy to cut and soft. Brake fluid on the inside and oil soaked on the outside makes this hose deteriorate quickly.
techtip-19_03 These two pictures show the small Inside Diameter that the fluid must pass through.
techtip-19_04 It was time to replace this hose. After replacing the hose the clutch moves freely in both direction. Now to replace the worn clevis on the clutch master cylinder push rod. Another job that you have to dig to get to. Good luck.