Beat the Heat

This project will help keep the heat off your feet when driving your Healey. The description below covers how to build Styrofoam panels and cover them with carpet to add insulation to the box in front of the transmission tunnel. Every little bit help when you are trying to stay cool.

Go to a Home Depot, or the like, and buy a set of 3/4″ steel door insulation panels. They are Styrofoam panels used to insulate overhead doors. The best part is you have enough to do several cars with one kit. Also get a can of spray adhesive. The carpet you use should match the color in your car and also be the type with a very light backing. It must fold and form to the panels.

To keep the contact cement from eating the Styrofoam you can buy the type that has a aluminum foil bonded to one side.

Good luck and try to stay cool!

 techtip-20_01 Make a pattern for each side of the box from cardboard. Allow clearance for the carpet that will fold over the edges. Trace this on the foam and cut it out.
techtip-20_02 An electric knife works well for cutting the foam.
techtip-20_03 Here is the panel after cutting it with the electric knife.
techtip-20_04 If you have a belt sander use it to clean and square up the panels. If not you can hand sand them.
techtip-20_05 Cut your carpet so you can pull it around the back and glue it to the back side of the panel. Cut notches in the corners and any place the panel changes from a straight surface. This is important, most spay adhesive or contact cement will eat Styrofoam up. If you spray the carpet only and then assemble and form the carpet to fit the panel it will work okay. You still get some deterioration of the Styrofoam, but it will hold the carpet to the panel.
techtip-20_06 The carpet should wrap around the back far enough to use it as the sub-straight for bonding or gluing the panels to the box. Spray only the carpet ( not the styrofoam) with the adhesive and put in position on each side of the box.
techtip-20_07 The finished panel ready to be glued to side of the box.
techtip-20_08 These are the finished panels that go around the radius of the tunnel. Notice they are two piece so you can insert them from each side. They should overlap the side panels so you can pin them to the side panels with wire like hat pins or long nails. Just work the pins into the radius panels so they lock into the side panels.