With the HOT summer behind us and the cooler Healey weather is now upon us, the question is, “why aren’t you driving your Healey”? My Healey doesn’t run…well okay, but that’s not really a good excuse because we have monthly Tech Sessions, there’s British Car Forums on-line and even an email mechanic. So, the next question is, when will we see you in your Healey?

We just had our second largest event of the year, the Londoner restaurant in Addison and it was well attended by our club members. I can’t recall off-hand how many years this event has been going on but beer, British food and Healey’s seem to go together well enough to keep doing it year after year. Be sure to make the next one and you’ll see why they’re so much fun!

Last Healey Trails newsletter Chris Kellner said he was going to take “Annie”, his red racer, and put it back into Rally form. Well, he does still like to race so he went looking for something he could race and he found a Devin Healey in New York and it now has been delivered to his garage. Obviously Chris doesn’t do much driving on Central Expressway during rush hour and needs another outlet for bumper to bumper full throttle driving. I’ve put together 3 pages for Chris’s column this month with Chris doing the writeup. Hopefully Chris will find his spark plug wrench and we’ll be able to follow him as he gets the Devin race ready for next race season and maybe he’ll be on our garage tour soon?

We had our first Garage Tour. New member Ed Canada volunteered his Garage to be the first on the Garage Tour. We had a very good turn out for the Tour with the usual Coffee & Donuts plus Ed had plenty of cars for us to look over and they provided plenty of conversation and photo opportunities. A great meeting room away from the cars provided plenty of seating to enjoy conversation and Coffee and Donuts. Who’s garage wants to be on the next Garage Tour?

2017 Membership Dues are due so please see Barbie’s column for more info on that. Please remember to let Barbie know if you move, change email address, so she can update our records. Our Newsletter goes out as an email attachment to just about everyone but a few members who don’t have emails. Keep the vendors that advertise in our Newsletter in mind when needing Parts & Services.

The Vice President and Secretary positions are both open and the requirements are you have to be a member of the NTAHC and AHCA, so let me know if you would like to volunteer for it? If no one steps forward soon will may resort to a draft. Articles for our Newsletter are always needed and we encourage you to submit them. They do not have to be our club activities and could be other Healey events you attended that we did not do as a NTAHC club activity. Our Newsletter goes around the world and occasionally our club activities make it into the AHCA Newsletters. Photos are also great to have!

See ya’ll on the trail…
Pat Yoas
NTAHC President