As everyone knows this has become our clubs summertime so-cial. It’s for one inside and has air conditioning along with cold beverages! Along with a good menu of British grub. It’s where we all just catch up on what’s been going on in the “Healey World” as well as all the interesting trips and travel adventures those of you have been on or are planning on taking. Believe it or not you get some good tidbits of information from all the conversation and its not all about cars or the car world!

For instance we have a new member who joined us this year and he is very interesting! For those who didn’t meet him, Colin P. Ca-hoon, is a author as well as he has a Healey! Please check out his website: for his book The Man With The Black Box.

We also had our new member Keith Buxton come join us. He’s a recent transplant from the Mid East AHCA. I’m sure some of you have already met Keith at Tech Session and White Rock Lake. I say it’s Mid East AHCA loss and our gain!

I finally got to meet another one of our members, Michael & Maureen Eastman. They live in Arlington and have a sprite. I have corresponded with Michael for several years via email but not in person. It was nice to finally get to welcome the Eastman’s in per-son. Bret Blades also brought a friend with him as well as Jim Hock-ert brought his friend Rex.

Long time no see! Tim & Sherry Moran. They were in town and wanted to say “HI” to everyone. So they joined us for pub grub! They have been traveling around the country in their RV.

Of course conversations involved the H word. Healey’s, Health, Hospitals, and more. I will say, we all missed some of our regular members who always come out and support NTAHC events. A few being, Dick and Sue Solomon along with Stephanie Colston, Don and Joyce Bundrant, Jerry & Tammie Wall, Ted and Bonnie Glover, Karen Gilleland.

There were only two Healey’s driven to the event. Weather this year wasn’t quite as brutal as last year but that morning some of us had the weather Healey’s don’t like rain, rain and more rain!

Barbie Bucy
NTAHC Treasurer & Membership