Every car club has a beginning, and the North Texas Austin Healey Club has one too. We are fortunate to have records how it got off the ground and even the first activity we had as a club! Yep, “The Big-D Austin Healey Club”.

The wire wheels started rolling very early in 1979 with an ad in the newspaper and word of mouth and contacts thru contacts, etc. We soon had our first event which was seeing if we had enough people with the enthusiasm to form a club in the area. The meeting at the Tupinamba restaurant was one I would call one of enthusiasm, exciting, optimism, and finally great food and drinks. We had several people there that signed up immediately, including yours truly, and as I recall to the tune of $25.00 which I thought was well spent. Clubs got to have money, right? We are going to revisit those early years in future Newsletters!

Having just mustered out of the Navy and back home to Texas with a new job and business venture I knew I would not be able to devote many hours of my time to the new club or able to make events as I would have liked but I knew the importance of a Club for our Austin Healeys.

I was one of the Founders of the St Johns Austin Healey Club in Jacksonville, Florida which was formed in 1974 and as all other Clubs, we needed technical assistance and parts sources, good used or new and an occasional Newsletter did not hurt either!

I can absolutely say without a doubt that the North Texas Austin Healey has excelled on all levels required for a great club and will continue to do so.

I have always believed that a successful club must have volunteers willing to serve with enthusiasm and providing new and fresh ideas to for us to continue as a successful club serving all our members into the future. All Clubs need to continue to look forward to the future and make changes when needed to grow.

With that said, it is in my opinion that it is time for me to step aside as my position as club President for someone else to step up and provide new leadership to continue. As of May 30th, I will be stepping aside for someone else to lead the club into the future.

I have served as President for over 9 years, and I have considered it an honor and pleasure to have served our Club. We have made good changes to keep up with technology and in other areas we have felt were needed. We have a new website although still under construction, will really be great when finished. Going to a digital Newsletter has resulted in a significant cost savings boosting our Treasury balance.

We need a few Volunteers to step up for vacant positions in the Club! How can you help? We will not leave you without support and assistance when you need it and ask for it.

I cannot thank those who served with me enough! My apologies if I left off someone.

Ed Reiss: Former VP
Hilary Cooper: Activities Director
Barbie Bucy: Membership/Treasurer
Chris Kellner: Musings from the Paddock
Norby Lettenmaier: Former Historian
Dick Solomon: Tech Director
Bret Blades: Tech Session Director
Damian R. Broccoli: Webmaster
Tim Moran: Former Webmaster
Karen Gilleland: Roundup Chairperson
John Katz: Former Newsletter Editor
Jerry Wall: Former Treasurer

Thank you,
Patrick Yoas
North Texas Austin Healey Club