Greetings Everyone,

We have had a very successful 40th Anniversary Roundup and you are now receiving our Newsletter devoted entirely to the event. We have tried to include everyone who attended and every Healey that participated in the Car Show and we hope you find it enjoyable to view and read. I would like to personally thank Barbie Bucy for her outstanding columns which are a pleasure to read and very informative of our 40th Roundup and to Roundup Chairperson Karen Gilleland, who held steadfast and carried on in making sure we were going to have Roundup during the Pandemic.

My sincere heartfelt thanks to all of our club members who volunteered their time and many hours to make it a success! I can not tell you what it means to me and all our club members to receive so much help putting on this event and without their help it simply would not have happened.

We have tried to include by name everyone that volunteered and what they did as much as the folks who participated in the events winning awards.

We hope to see you at all of the future Texas Healey Roundups!

Many Thanks and God Bless!

Patrick Yoas
North Texas Austin Healey Club