NTAHC History

As recounted by NTAHC Historian, Norby Lettenmaier:

The year was 1979, Healeys were for sale in the two Dallas newspapers. Healeys could be seen driving around town and at SCCA events. Nationally, there were two major Healey clubs. The time was right for a local club. Several owners in the area belonged to one or both of the national clubs. I contacted the Pacific Center Club to provide me with a list of members in our zip codes. I received a hand written list (BC, before computers). At about the same time Jerry Wall was in contact with the Austin Healey Club of America. Jerry put an ad in the paper asking if anyone interested to contact him. I did and then sent him my list. Phone calls were made and a mail out was done announcing the formation of our club.

March 5th 1979: Our first meeting was held at the Tupinamba Mexican Restaurant. Between 25 and 30 owners attended with 12 Healeys in the parking lot. The meeting ended with 23 dues paying members.

April 1979: Business meetings were scheduled for the 1st Monday of the month, “shop meets” were to be held once a month and a monthly activity was to be held. Did we have time for anything else? The first NTAHC NEWSLETTER was just a few pages. It reminded members of the monthly activity to be held at North Lake on 04/22/79.

May 1979: A regular meeting place was established at D & D Automotive (Dale Herman’s place). Beer was on hand for 25 cents a can for the 10 members who showed up in the rain for the 06/04 meeting. The monthly business meeting did not continue at Dales, but the shop meets did.

June 1979: Sue Solomon volunteered to be Chatter Correspondent and is still corresponding.

July 1979: The NTAHC NEWSLETTER displayed the club logo designed by Julian Brock of the Jacksonville, FL AHC

September 1979: The August and September activity was combined as Car Show in conjunction the Jag club. They set aside 12 spaces for us. Elections were scheduled at the business meeting but it was decided to take volunteers from the steering committee instead.

Volunteers for 1 year terms:
President: Jerry Wall
Vice Presidents: Dale Herman & Ed Watanabe
Treasure & Membership: John & Linda Stewart
Secretary: Sue Solomon
Activity Director: Dick Solomon w/ Norby Lettenmaier & Don Lenschow
Phone Committee: Pat & Harry Nystron w/Lynda Stewart, Cathy Lettenmaier, Sharon Wall & Candy Watanabe
Parts Director: Bob Rose
Consultant: Pat Yoas

In September we also experience our first Road Trip. We drove to Waco to watch the boat races and meet with our fellow enthusiasts from Austinm TX. 10 Healeys + SOBs with about 23 members made the trip. By November the membership had grown to 50. The membership list took up most of the newsletter.

December 29th 1979: This was the first of the annual “HOLIDAY FOR HEALEY’S EXTRAVAGANZA”. The first was held at the home of Sharon & Jerry Wall. Since then, the extravaganza has been held at different member’s homes.